Hey, I’m Rita (AKA Rits). This might sound contradictory, but I think that Artificial Intelligence can help us be…

More humans.

Let’s try something.

Imagine a sweet Child who was always on her own. Adults were always busy–of course, adults must work-, so the Child had to learn the precious art of entertaining yourself.

This was actually something good because she found out that Imagination can make some interesting stuff happen in real life.

She would have many imaginary friends and spend her time speaking to them about the mysteries of the universe, such as time traveling, being in two places at the same time and, of course, soul mates.

The Child grew up okay and became and Adult-Self. And the Adult-Self seemed to be okay too. But eventually, she realized that maybe she missed out some experiences as a Child, some conversations regarding her emotions and thoughts.

You know, Adults were always busy. And now that she was and Adult herself, constantly busy, her Inner Child would have to wait again.

That might seem like a sad ending, but it’s not the end of the story.

Let’s dig into this a little more: Our social structure doesn’t work.

What’s the problem?

  • Wealth distribution is surrealistically unbalanced. The world’s richest 1%–people with more than $1 million USD–own 47.8% of global wealth (or maybe more? Who even knows?) > Learn more here.
  • Climate change is getting worse and will probably continue that way > Learn more here.
  • As climate change evolves, this will make vulnerable populations even more vulnerable, aggravating the global patterns of inequality > Learn more here.
  • On top of that, the average person works 90,000 hours. That’s 1/3 of their lives! So, we don’t even have time to pay attention to what’s happening in the world and that makes it hard to participate in the solution > Learn more here.

We can’t tackle everything at once, but AI can help us tackle many things

I intend not to initiate a politic debate. I know nothing about politics and really feel more comfortable writing about the social/emotional spectrum.

So, even though I can’t pretend to change the world, I hope that sharing how technology is changing and improving my life can help other people improve theirs.

If you find any of this useful to enhance your wellbeing and have a more balanced, happy life… Well, what a wonderful outcome would that be.

We have come so far and, still, it seems like sometimes we fail at our core duty as human beings: connect with others, and become lifters.

Thankfully, the current state of Artificial Intelligence –specifically Large Language Models (LLMs)– is opening a world of possibilities to:

  1. Simplify our jobs, which translates into more time for human connections (and more time for your Inner Child).
  2. Create new jobs in exciting fields.
  3. Make education and culture more accessible.
  4. Improve the quality of our health systems –regarding mental health interventions, research on biofeedback is just amazing and promising!
  5. Explore our creativity (even for people who haven’t the privilege to attend art classes)
  6. Reduce costs associated with starting your own business (how does it sound to make that project happen?)
  7. And my favorite one: AI can help us navigate through our emotions and cognitive patterns. Using it as a self-exploratory tool, we can better understand ourselves, set up a comfortable environment to work in our personal growth, and eventually build healthier relationships with those around us.

Actually, in this blog, you will see some examples of how I use AI to support my self-development journey and catch up with my Inner Child.

If you can imagine it, you can create it (literally)

Almost anything is now possible with generative AI -which is using AI models to take your ideas out of the land of the possibilities to the actual reality-.

Now, see how powerful is that! Anything you can imagine, you can create.

But let’s go farther. How about AI applied to our educational systems? Like a super patient and kind teacher’s assistant who helps kids understand abstract concepts better.

Particularly, those kids who need a super patient and kind approach to learn.

And how about mobile apps for both kids and adults that are truly useful? Like personalized emotional trackers that can help us understand better what our triggers are and how to manage them.

All in real time. Tailored to our actual needs and goals, experiences, and core beliefs.

Of course, let’s not omit the fact that you—the person reading this—can now build one of these apps, even if you don’t know how to code.

Again, generative AI.

Anything you want to achieve is there waiting for you. So, I think that you should waste no time.

If you wish to board the train, here’s a concise list of free resources to start your learning journey. And, again, you don’t necessarily need to know how to code.

These resources will teach you how to ask an Artificial Intelligence model. As simple as that.

Isn’t it funny how everything takes you back to the Law of Attraction? Everything is about knowing that you want and asking for it.

I should have mentioned that I’m a New Age fellow.

See you in the Future.